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Meet the Owners

Jeff and Spencer Hodge

Built six years ago by Jeff Hodge, Diamond H3 Ranch is a hidden gem, easy to access but feeling worlds away. The Hodge family has owned the land that the wedding venue sits upon for over 15 years and loves sharing their little slice of Heaven with their clients. Spencer Hodge, Jeff's daughter and venue manager for Diamond H3, grew up on the land that the venue is built on, which makes it even more special to her when she is showing clients around the rustic barn with the gorgeous views. Spencer graduated from Tarleton State University in May 2021 with a B.S. in Professional and Relational Communications. 

“We chose to build the venue on this spot of our land because of the amazing view that our clients would have” Hodge explains. “Everyone that comes to visit our venue raves about our wonderful sunsets. The view is breathtaking.” The Hodge's are very passionate about creating the perfect setting for couples' 'best day ever' and are proud to call Diamond H3 Ranch their home and share it with the world. 

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